Account Coordinator / Word-Slinger

Would bring only a thesaurus, an oxford comma, and a flannel to a deserted island

Kayla Weeden supports H/Co on a plethora of advocacy and creative accounts, flexing their muscles as both a stickler for detail, a storyteller, and a lover of words. Kayla has a knack for articulating heavy issues in accessible ways. Kayla can easily wear multiple hats to support the H/Co team as a film writer, project manager, and poet.

In their life before H/Co, Kayla worked at the DePaul University Academic Department of Marketing where they developed a knack for juggling multiple tasks, all while dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’. They are a self-published poet, having written three poetry chapbooks and one hand-crafted zine. While studying Screenwriting at DePaul University, Kayla also served as the president of DePaul Presenters of Enlightenment Through Spoken Word (POETS) and Spectrum DePaul, one of DePaul’s queer and allied organizations.

Having made their way to Chicago all the way from Shrewsbury, Vermont, Kayla enjoys the ever-changing landscape of the city, but misses the mountains, trees, and excellent stargazing offered by their hometown (population: 998, now that they left). Their small-town roots come with a small-town heart, leaving Kayla ever-prepared to lend a hand of support for H/Co’s biggest clients and tiniest sentences.

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